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Monthly Special

Happy Autumn Everyone! 

Great News, Our October specials have arrived just for you!


*Special Discounts only through the month of October!~


*FABRIC= 40% Off *SUPPLIES= 40% Off


*PATTERNS= 40% Off     *KITS=30% Off



White Vanilla with Chocolate Tips.

1 1/8" pile Regular Distressed Swirly Tipped Mohair.


Regular Price: $292.00/ yard


*October Sale Price*

1 yard price: $175.20

1/2 yard price: $87.60

 1/4 yard price: $43.80 

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1/4" pile Regular Straight Mohair.


Regular Price: $202.00/ yard


*October Sale Price*

1 yard price: $121.20

1/2 yard price: $60.60

 1/4 yard price: $30.30 

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1 1/8" pile Regular Curly Kid Mohair.


Regular Price: $352.00/ yard


*October Sale Price*

1 yard price: $211.20

1/2 yard price: $105.60

 1/4 yard price: $52.80 

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Doll Needle 7

7" Needle, 2 pack.

Great for inserting eyes on medium to large bears


Regular Price: $4.95


*October Sale Price*


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Fray Check

STOP edges from fraying on fabric.


Regular Price: $3.75


*October Sale Price*


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Forceps 3 1/2 Mini Striaght

Used for turning fabric right side out.

Also used as a stuffing tool.


Regular Price: $7.50


*October Sale Price*


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Daisy Doo Pattern

By: Eunice Beaton


11" Jointed Bear


Regular Price: $7.50


*October Sale Price*


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Terry Pattern

By: Jane Perala


10" Jointed Bear


Regular Price: $8.00


*October Sale Price*


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Little Alfie Pattern

By: Jane Perala


9.5" Jointed Bear


Regular Price: $8.50


*October Sale Price*


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Bellhop Kit

By: Emily Farmer


3" Bear


Regular Price: $17.50


*October Sale Price*


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Spike Kit

By: Chris Cotton


6" Hedgehog


Regular Price: $32.00


*October Sale Price*


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Grandpaw Kit

By: Elke Block


14.5" Bear


Regular Price: $75.00


*October Sale Price*


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*We are open Monday to Thursday 9:00 AM. to 3:00

*All scheduled discounts will be applied to your final invoice and will be enclosed with your order.  

*Monthly specials fabrics offered do not apply to mini fabrics, felt or UltrasuedeŽ. unless otherwise stated.

*Fabric samples are offered 2 samples on a card @ $1.00 with a refund of your next fabric order of a total of 1 yard.

*Tissavel and Tyber fabric is no longer making fabric so there will be very limited quantities in the future. 


Shipping Information

*As you probably already know, discounts may not show up on our website but it will be added to your  final invoice/receipt. Credit card payments are not charged until we make sure your order is in stock and we calculate all discounts and include shipping cost.  


*All shipping charges are calculated on an individual basics by weight, size of the box, the shipping zone by the shipping carrier. We charge the same fee we are charged by the carrier.


Thank you so much!

*Any questions or comments, please email:  yui@edinburghimports.com 



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